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Taos Hanuman

Taos Hanuman

$ 15.00

Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Trevor Hall, Nina Rao, Govind Das & Radha, Raghu Markus, Salman & Habib, Shyama Chapin and Johhno Ryan - all lent their beautiful voices and devotion to the Neem Karoli Baba Hanuman Temple, Taos NM Collection of Chalisas.

"Originally there were only about 30 of us. Now, there are hundreds. Maharaj-ji is manifesting in the West, awakening us heart-to-heart. Hanuman represents love and service - service to God, service to Ram. Enjoy this collection of Hanuman Chalisas as a way of connecting with your compassionate heart, in loving service of others." - Ram Dass


This CD was created as a fundraiser for the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple, in Taos, New Mexico -


  1. Maui Samadhi Hanuman Chalisa - Nina Rao
  2. Daily Devotion Chalisa - Jai Uttal
  3. Kahiyogee Hanuman Chalisa - Johnno Ryan & the Taos Temple Chalisa Band
  4. Bernie's Chalisa, Live in Maui - Krishna Das
  5. Bajarangbali Chalisa - Raghu Markus
  6. Baba's Chalisa - Trevor Hall
  7. First Light Chalisa - Shyama Chapin
  8. Father and Son Chalisa - Salman & Habib
  9. Roots Reggae Hanuman Chalisa (Sri Ram Dub) - Govind Das & Radha

Release Date: 2015