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$ 13.00

Arjun is the self titled debut album from world renowned percussionist Arjun Bruggeman. 

For the past decade Arjun has traveled the world playing tabla accompanying Krishna Das. Although Arjun is deeply steeped in this practice, his roots are rock and jazz based, which is clear in his playing and emerge in this album. 

This album is a musical representation of the journey of life. Traveling from the external chaos of uncertainty, through the inner battle of emotions, to the still awakening of truth. 

Arjun's musical diversity is heard through the use of the various instruments. From the vibration of the Aztec tone drum to the sound of American rock instruments, this record is a unique offering.

"Arjun is a rhythm master.  His music is regal, dynamic, and he understands the importance of silence as well as the sounds."  - John Densmore, drummer for The Doors

1. Expectation (2:55)
2. Together - featuring Mark Egan (3:46)
3. Inside (5:58)
4. Night (7:34)
5. Listening (4:44)
6. Acceptance - featuring Belinda Carlisle (6:57) 

Release Date: 2016