Enter Into the Heart Through Chanting Practice

Enter Into the Heart Through Chanting Practice

$ 197.00

In this 6-module online course, Krishna Das will take you on an incredible journey to explore the opportunity within the great crisis we face. KD shares how to gather strength so that no matter what happens in the outside world, you’ll be able to access that place of peace and inner connection within. 

  • How to release your thoughts — and let go of the stories you believe about yourself and your life
  • A chant in which you recite names of the .. to start to uncover love and peace in your heart and develop your inner warrior
  • Respite from your overactive mind and anxiety around the global pandemic — a much-needed reset
  • The many ways you’ll begin to sit differently in your heart as you practice chanting — and how that may manifest in your life 
  • A taste of how, when you chant as daily spiritual practice, you start to calm your mind, relax your body, and come into rhythm and alignment with the deeper, more radiant Presence within us

Each time you come back to the mantra, you create new neural pathways in the brain which allow you to move more deeply into who you really are: Truth, Beauty, Unlimited Joy… and Real Love.

During this event, we will engage in a specific chant — a devotional mantra. Repeating this mantra wholeheartedly can help you calm your mind and access your inner strength, which influences your experience of life regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, even if just for a few minutes.

There is also an option to pay in two installments of $108
*This purchase in non refundable