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‘Keep singing. It uncovers the love. The love of who we truly are."
~Krishna Das

February 2021

Windfall of Grace Movie Soundtrack Download

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September 2020

Free download of The Divine Reality eBook in honor of Maharaj-ji's Disappearence Day

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Courage in Difficult Times

April 2020

Recorded live at a recent workshop, in Courage in Difficult Times Krishna Das talks about coping in these times. You can stream or download MP3 and a transcription is provided for your reference.  

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July 2019

Recording of a recent Heart of Devotion Retreat weekend with Krishna Das at Satchidananda Ashram - Yogaville in Buckingham, VA. You get approximately 3+ hours of conversation - Hanging out in the Heart Space - with KD, capturing the entire weekend workshop teachings. These recordings are available for streaming or download on our website at your convenience.

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March 2019

Hungry Hearts Chant. Recorded for Bernie Glassman's memorial. A 7 min 11 sec loop of  the chant made especially for you. MP3 Download.

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December 2018

A rendition of Amazing Grace by Ani Choying Drolma and Krishna Das recorded live at a Kirtan Wallah Foundation benefit event.  MP3 Download

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July 2018

This song "Blues for Baba" was recorded during the making of KD’s album, Trust in the Heart in 2017. MP3 download. 


December 2017

A video recording of a recent retreat weekend with Krishna Das at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA. There are 2 videos, approximately 1+ hours each, capturing the entire weekend workshop teachings and chanting.

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December  2016

A professionally filmed and recorded video of the 2016 summer retreat at Garrison Institute with Krishna Das and friends. There are 6 videos in total, 11hrs and 30mins, capturing the full retreat! These videos are available for streaming on our website at your convenience, no expiration!

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March 2016

Here is a transcription of a full Krishna Das workshop recorded in Arlington, VA on March 29, 2015. Here Krishna Das discusses a variety of topics: ego, judgement, Guru within, willpower and more. Total 55 pages, in a question and answer format. 

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December 2015

A 175 minute package is the core content of a 2-day workshop recorded at Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. KD speaks on several topics, including how chanting works, stories about Maharajji, the deeper meaning in mantras, paying attention, will power, desire, and relationships. This is an MP3 file consisting of 12 tracks.

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October 2015

Some of you who have attended Krishna Das's kirtans might remember KD asking you to repeat the words "Rama Lakshman Janaki Jai Bolo Hanuman ki" periodically during his kirtans. We finally we sing those lines together after his new melody for the Hanuman Chalisa called Sundara Chalisa. MP3 download.

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