Flow of Grace Immersion

$ 108.00

Flow of Grace Immersion with Krishna Das and Nina Rao - Meditation, Chanting & Story-Telling for Entering Into the Presence of the Powerful, Compassionate Being Known as Hanuman.

Whether you are new to chanting, or have been doing the practice for a while, this 12+ hour self-paced course gives us a chance to immerse together in heart-opening practices invoking Hanuman. We will go over the text, pronunciation, and meaning of Hanumat Stavan and the Hanuman Chalisa and go deeper with readings from the Sundarakand (the ‘beautiful’ section of the Ramacharitmanasa) and KD’s book, Flow of Grace. We will spend time discussing how Hanuman lives in our every-day lives, as well as our relationship to practice and the Guru. There’s lots of chanting and questions/responses as well. You also have the opportunity to write to other participants in the community sharing page on the course.

This immersion consists of 6 recorded sessions each 2+ hours with teachings, chanting, Q&A, and readings.

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is delivered via Teachable, an online course platform. One you have made your purchase, please look for an email from Krishna Das Online with instructions to verify your email address and access the course.