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Harmonium Tutorials

KD has been asked time and time again to provide music for his chants!

We are happy to finally offer you these mini video tutorials, straight from KD's living room, to help you, the practitioner get that unique 'Krishna Das' sound.

They are not so much how-to-play harmonium, but rather how to play Krishna Das chords if you have some familiarity with playing music. (These are not tutorials on how to play harmonium in general). Watch the preview video to get an idea of what it would be like to learn from these. 

There are a total of 33 + 1 introduction message from KD videos in total of the most frequently requested Krishna Das chants included in your one time purchase. They are listed below. You will see that each video indicates the chords as KD plays as well as the lyrics to each chant along. 

In order to access this mini online course of streaming video Harmonium Tutorials by KD, we ask you to create a private account before making your purchase.  Think of this account as your library to collect your practice materials, available to you at anytime. 


These tutorials can be streamed as well as downloaded. You will always have access to these tutorials, at anytime by logging in to your account. 

If you would like to purchase this package as a gift we offer gift cards valued at $108/-
This will allow the recipient to set up their own account to access the lessons easily. 

Please note this digital item/package is not eligible for return or refund.  

Harmonium Tutorials Contents:  ranging from 3-10 minutes in duration. 

00 Introduction Message From Krishna Das
01 All One (Hare Krishna) / Heart Full Of Soul
02 Baba Hanuman / Breath Of The Heart, Live Ananda, Chants Of A Lifetime
03 Bernie's Chalisa / Flow of Grace
04 Bhajelo-ji Hanuman / Greatest Hits Of The Kali Yuga
05 Devakinandan Gopala / Heart Full Of Soul, Sri Krishna Govinda / Live On Earth
06 Devi Puja Goddess Prayer / Live on Earth, Heart Full Of Soul
07 Good Ole Chalisa / Flow of Grace 
08 Govinda Hare / Pilgrim Heart
09 Hallelujah Chalisa / Flow Of Grace
10 Hallelujah Shri Ram / Heart As Wide As The World
11 Hanuman Puja / Live On Earth, Hanuman Prayer/ Heart Full Of Soul
12 Jaya Bhagavan / Live On Earth, Heart Full Of Soul
13 Jaya Jagatambe / Pilgrim Heart, Live On Earth
14 Kali Durge / One Track Heart, Kalabinashini  Kali / Pilgrim Heart
15 Kashi Vishwanath Gange / Breath Of The Heart
16 Ma Durga / Breath Of The Heart,  Devi Puja / Live Ananda
17 Mahamantra Meltdown / Live On Earth
18 Mere Gurudev / Door Of Faith 
19 Mountain Hare Krishna / Pilgrim Heart, Live On Earth, Chants Of A Lifetime
20 My Foolish Heart - Bhaja Govinda / Heart As Wide As The World
21 Namah Shivaaya / Pilgrim Heart
22 Narayana For your Love / Heart As Wide As The World
23 Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya / Breath Of The Heart
24 Radhe Govinda / Kirtan Wallah
25 Samadhi Sitaram / Live On Earth
26 Saraswati / Kirtan Wallah
27 Shri Guru Charanam / Live On Earth
28 Sitaram / Heart As Wide As The World, Chants Of A Lifetime
29 Sundara (Hanuman) Chalisa 
30 Tara's Mantra / Kirtan Wallah
31 The Ring Song / Pilgrim Heart
32 Three Rivers Hare Krishna / Live On Earth
33 Waltzing My Krishna / Kirtan Wallah