Live On Earth (For A Limited Time Only)

Live On Earth (For A Limited Time Only)

$ 20.00

Some people have been known to leave this CD in their car's player singing along with it daily. Here is a double CD recording of Krishna Das leading call-and-response kirtan, interspersed with several more-meditative, solo prayers (including one of his classic versions of the Hanuman Chaleesa); a rock-solid rhythm section anchored by drum and percussion maestro, John McDowell; and exquisitely understated and beautiful cello and bansuri flute support from Hans Christian (Rasa) and Steve Gorn, respectively. 



  1. Radhe Shyam (10:02) 
  2. Samadhi Sita Ram (11:32)
  3. Shri Guru Charanam (5:59)
  4. Three Rivers Hare Krishna (15:11)
  5. Hanuman Puja (3:48)
  6. Hanuman Chaleesa (8:33)
  7. Sita Ram (7:25)
  8. Jaya Bhagavan (6:43)

    1. Devi Puja (10:10)
    2. Jaya Jagatambe (12:21)
    3. Mountain Hare Krishna (15:00)
    4. Namah Shivaya (11:56)
    5. Rama Bolo (10:21)
    6. Shri Krishna Govinda/Gopala (13:47)
    Release Date: 2000