Devi Sadhana

Devi Sadhana

We are happy to offer 'Devi Sadhana' ~ a part of a mala of offerings as a suggestion of one of the many ways that we can deepen our practices. By exposing ourselves to and exploring teachings and practices we can find one or a few that we like and will do.
Devi Sadhana contains 6 items: 
  1. Special Krishna Das podcast with stories of the Divine Mother recorded for this season
  2. Beautiful video of a Krishna Das prayer to the Goddess, "Sri Argala Stotram" complete with lyrics to follow along
  3. High resolution photograph of Kainchi Devi to download
  4. Audio download of "Om Shri Matre Namah" mantra recorded by KD for japa or repetition practice (108 repetitions) 
  5. Harmonium tutorial by Krishna Das for "Ma Durga" from Breath Of The Heart 
  6. 20% discount coupon toward any future purchase from our online shop

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