Sri Ram Kirtan Sadhana

Sri Ram Kirtan Sadhana

We made this professional audio track live during the Ram Dass mala ceremony at the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat in Maui, Hawaii in December 2015. 

The chanting holds this sacred space for all and seals the teachings received during the retreat into everyones wide open hearts.

During this session, each retreatant greets Ram Dass personally, receives a mala with a thread from Maharaj-ji Neem Karoli Baba’s blanket, and visits the altar that graces the 5-day retreat. During this session and while the greeting is happening, Krishna Das and Nina Rao lead the group in chanting the mantra 'Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ accompanied musically by the band.  At the end arti (waving sacred lamp lights) is offered to the images of all the saints and deities presiding over the retreat. It starts with Krishna Das singing Hanuman Stawan and if you listen carefully you will hear the arti bell followed by Krishna Das singing Jaya Jagadeesha Hare. You will hear some of the instruments dropping out toward the end as the musicians leave the stage to each get their malas from Ram Dass - but the chant keeps on.

We hope that this continuous chanting of the sacred mantra will help you to deepen your own chanting practice at home; your car; wherever; or be the sound track for your asana practice.

Listen to a short preview clip by clicking the audio player, here are a few photos so you can see what the ceremony is like!

Krishna Das (vocals & kartals), Nina Rao (vocals & kartals), Arjun Bruggeman (tabla), Mark Gorman (bass), David Nichtern (guitar), Genevieve Walker (violin). Recorded and mixed by Kevin D. Reilly. 

*mp3 track length: 1 hour 38 minutes. 

*226 MB file size.

(c) (P) Krishna Das Music

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