Krishna Das Live in New York City, Vol 2 (Digital)

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For over a decade Krishna Das has chanted live in New York City at the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew in Manhattan. It became one of our favorite events of the year, KD often said he felt like he was chanting in his living room!

This fall we are so happy to offer this new 3+ hour video, filmed over 2 incredible nights of live chanting in November 2019 at our upper west side home away from home, the last time we gathered there before the lockdown and the days of social distancing.

You will also get a BONUS VIDEO of a virtual "backstage" get-together with KD’s band!

This concert video is available for a 24hrs rental or download for you to keep.

Includes chants from KD's album 'Pilgrim Heart' as well as classic old favorites! 
Here's what you can chant along to in this DVD: 

  1. Shri Hanumat Stawan
  2. Govinda Hare Gopala Hare
  3. Mountain Hare Krishna
  4. Goddess Suite: Devi Puja
  5. Shiva Puja
  6. Goddess Suite: Yah Devi
  7. Kalabinashini Kali
  8. Namoh
  9. Hara Hara Mahadev
  10. Mahamantra Meltdown
  11. The Ring Song
  12. Sundhara Chalisa
  13. Jaya Bhagavan

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