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These audio downloads are recordings from KD's workshops. They are approximately 2 hours in duration. Each consists of multiple MP3 tracks that will download as a .zip file. You will need to download onto your computer first and then sync to your mobile device. We have listed a few topics discussed in each one to help you in your selection. Please note that a more detailed description of topics are listed within each item. Click through each item to read more!

Arlington, VA March 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: chanting guru within letting go practice unconditional love
Garrison Institute, NY Full Retreat March 2017
$ 4
TOPICS: liberation Politics practice spiritual practice the Four Fruits of Life will power
Halifax, Nova Scotia July 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: chanting Maharajii practice surrender unconditional love
Madison, WI June 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: ego practice repeating the names unconditional love
Montreal, Canada July 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: chanting guru within practice spirituality unconditional love
Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas Day 1 Feb 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: chanting Maharajii practice repeating the names spirituality
Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas Day 2 Feb 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: ego guru within karma practice repeating the names
Yogaville, Day 2 June 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: guru within karma Maharajii practice unconditional love
Yogaville, Day 3 June 2015
$ 4
TOPICS: karma Maharajii practice prayer surrender