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A Drop of the Ocean

A Drop of the Ocean

$ 15.00
Many times in his workshops and interviews, Krishna Das has emphasized that devotional chant practice is ultimately not about the music, but rather, about the actual, continual repetition of the Divine Names. In this case it most definitely is about the music, or, more precisely, it's a masterful demonstration by Ustad Sultan Khan, one of India's greatest living musicians, of music as an expression of devotion in itself. 

This project was originally conceived as a recording of Ustad Khan performing traditional bhajans, solo on his signature sarangi-an intensely demanding and hauntingly beautiful classical Indian bowed instrument. But the recording took an unexpected turn in the studio, at Ustad Khan's insistence, to include a vocal call-and-response between Khan Sahib and Krishna Das. The result is an extraordinary conversation between two men coming from very different musical traditions, in the shared language of bhakti, of the heart. 

In a continuing spirit of collaboration, Krishna Das later added readings of devotional texts in further response to the depth and sweetness of Khan Sahib's singing and playing, as additional "windows.... into the beauty that lies within." In its final form, the recording is a profound teaching on the nature of love, as well as an unforgettable listening experience. 

  1. Lullabye (15:34)
  2. Goddess (14:43)
  3. Devotion (14:27)
  4. Windows (9:40)

Release Date: 2003