Chants of a Lifetime (Audiobook)

Chants of a Lifetime (Audiobook)

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Krishna Das's beloved book, Chants of a Lifetime, is available as an audiobook!

Krishna Das narrates his intimate collection of stories, teachings, and insights and takes us on his journey to India and beyond, while he searches for meaning and ultimately finds his own heart. The music that is offered exclusively in the book consists of a number of "private" chanting sessions with KD, to help deepen your practice. And the book comes with a PDF download of supporting material, free with an Audible trial!

Here is what Ram Dass had to say about the book: “Knowing the sweet power and depth of Krishna Das’s singing, I was delighted to see, in this honest testament, how he got there. This book shows how Kirtan (singing the names of God) enters into our spiritual heart and then lights it up.”


Length: 10h 8m