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Deva Bhumi: The Abode of the Gods in India
Deva Bhumi: The Abode of the Gods in India

Deva Bhumi: The Abode of the Gods in India

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Deva Bhumi: The Abode of the Gods in India by Krishna Kumar (K.K.) Sah

"When I had my first darshan with my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji), K.K. Sah was my translator—the first person I met from Maharajji’s family of devotees. 

When Maharajji had K.K. take me into his home, he also had him take me into his heart. K.K. became my brother. I truly felt the bond beyond this lifetime with K.K., something I had never before felt. He was never impressed with my western credentials. Instead, we had unconditional love.

Deva Bhumi, this book from K.K. Sah, is a gift from the immense heart of the region in northern India known as the Kumaon. It’s K.K.’s story of growing up in the lap of the siddhas. 

 Above all, this book is permeated with the highest spiritual emotion, or bhav as it’s called in India, that leaves us with the feeling of unconditional love and the possibility for our own realization of true kindness and compassion."

- Ram Dass