Garrison Institute, NY Full Retreat March 2017

Garrison Institute, NY Full Retreat March 2017

TOPICS: digital liberation Politics practice spiritual practice the Four Fruits of Life will power

Krishna Das brings a lifetime of experience on the path into an intimate workshop setting. These workshops offer Krishna Das' unique, down-to-earth understanding of the many challenges we face on the spiritual path: the buildup of fear, anxiety, stress, judgment and negative emotions. Whether you are just starting a spiritual practice, or are a lifelong practitioner, Krishna Das offers great insight into the journey of walking through life with an open heart. Recorded from all over the world, these workshops revolve around questions from participants. They often include discussion about life and the spiritual path, stories about Krishna Das' Guru, Maharaj-ji, readings from spiritual traditions, and how to use practice to develop awareness of the obstacles around our innate sense of well-being.

 Topics in the workshop: 

This full retreat recording covers many topics like politics today, practice, the Four Fruits of Life, spiritual practice, liberation, will power and much more, spanning the entire 3 day retreat. 

 Note about downloading: 

The duration of these audio workshops is 127mins! It consists of multiple MP3 tracks that will download as a .zip file. You will need to download onto your computer first and then sync to your mobile device.