Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga (CD/DVD)

Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga (CD/DVD)

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This CD/DVD set is both an overview of the journey so far and an excellent introduction to Krishna Das' work for those who are newly discovering it. The CD is a compilation of choice selections from his first five albums, as well as a new studio recording, "Bhajelo-ji Hanuman," and a Dub Farm remix of "Baba Hanuman," from Breath of the Heart. The DVD features Mahavir Michael Drumm's feature-length documentary, One Life at a Time, a chronicle of Krishna Das' life and journey that includes extensive live kirtan footage and in-depth interviews with KD, as well as insightful commentary from several friends and colleagues, including Ram Dass, Sharon Salzberg, John Friend and Ty Burhoe. The DVD also contains full-length videos of four of the live chants that are excerpted in the documentary, with audio playable in Dolby 5.1 or in stereo.

They say that in the Kali Yuga - that period in the vast Vedic cycle of ages at which the light of spirit is dimmest in the world: a sort of dark night of the soul on a cosmic scale - the most effective practice for most people is the repetition of the Divine Names. For thousands, Krishna Das' recordings, kirtans, and workshops have been a doorway into that practice and a compelling taste of the sweetness of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.



  1. Bhajelo-ji Hanuman (13:07)
  2. Namah Shivayah (7:15) from Pilgrim Heart
  3. Ma Durga (9:44) from Breath of the Heart
  4. Hara Hara Mahadev (4:32) from One Track Heart
  5. Mountain Hare Krishna (5:17) from Pilgrim Heart
  6. Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Re-mix) (7:26)
  7. Shri Guru Charanam (5:56) from Live on Earth (for a Limited Time Only)
  8. Devi Puja (10:13) from Live on Earth (for a Limited Time Only)
  9. Mere Guru Dev (5:38) from Door of Faith
  10. Brindavan Hare Ram (6:12) from One Track Heart


Feature Length Documentary: "One Life at a Time"

Live Kirtan Video:
  1. Baba Hanuman
  2. Mere Guru Dev
  3. Kainchi Hare Krishna
  4. Jai Bhagavan

Release Date: 2004