Power of the Loving Heart

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The Power of the Loving Heart is a robust course designed for both existing practitioners to deepen a home practice, and for anyone interested in an in-depth introduction to practice. The course includes teaching videos with Sharon and KD co-teaching together as well as individually, and guided practices to accompany each lesson so that you can experience first-hand the benefit of these practices. 
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The course explores a variety of topics including:

Why have a spiritual practice? 
Where do we really find happiness?
How to live in a more connected way?
What is bhakti yoga? 
What is mindfulness?
What is lovingkindness?
What is devotion?
How to cultivate greater self-compassion?
How to stabilize our attention for greater focus?
How to increase will-power and clearer intentions?
Learn chanting basics and how to deepen your chant practice.
Learn the power of interconnection.
The power of grace and surrender.
Stories about their teachers and gurus
Anecdotes about their personal experiences on a spiritual path

This course will give you the confidence to practice meditation and chanting techniques in your own life and integrate the tools from the practice on a daily basis. Drawing from 40 years of experience on the path, KD and Sharon will guide you in your own exploration of the vast potential of your loving heart.

This course is broken down into 28 lessons, which each include:

  • a teaching video
  • a guided practice video or audio
  • a FAQ video related to the lesson + additional bonus material

Each lesson also includes an audio version of each videos if you prefer that format, and a transcript of each teaching, practice and FAQ videos.
In total there are:

  • 12+ hours of teaching
  • 3+ hours of meditation
  • 2+ hours of chanting

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