The Divine Reality

The Divine Reality

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The stories in these pages describe the love and compassion of Sri Baba Neeb Karori, a saint from North India whose grace continues to touch countless lives. People from different faiths and many nations share the miraculous ways in which he removed their suffering and doubt; the subtle ways he still inspires love and devotion; accounts of his kindness, humour, and unpredictability; and the indescribable wonder of his divine love.

An Indian devotee said Maharaj-ji once asked a group of people who had gathered to see him, “Why do you come to me?” Many were too shy to respond, and others could not find the words to express their feelings or the attraction that pulled them into his presence. In an atmosphere quiet with anticipation, Baba answered himself saying, “You come to me because of my love for you.”

"The wonder mystic of northern India.”
- Swami Chidananda, The Divine Life Society

“Everyone who is drawn to Maharaj-ji has their own unique experience of him. No complete picture of him can ever be painted. The source of the compassion with which he removes the suffering of those who are drawn to him remains hidden deep within his own heart, the heart of God, far beyond our limited vision.”
- Krishna Das


378 pages