Krishna Das Live in New York City, Vol 1 (Digital)

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Hang out and chant along with KD in high definition video from the comfort of your own home, for an entire evening of over 3 hrs of live music! 

The complete evening of Krishna Das' kirtan in NYC, filmed in the Fall of 2013.

Includes chants from KD's album 'Kirtan Wallah' as well as classic old favorites! 
Here's what you can chant along to in this DVD: 

  1. My Foolish Heart / Bhajagovindam
  2. Hanuman Prayer / Hallelujah Shri Ram
  3. I Phoned Govinda 
  4. Saraswati
  5. Waltzing My Krishna
  6. Sri Argala Strotram (Selected Versus)/ Show Me Love
  7. Radhe Govinda
  8. Tara's Mantra
  9. Jesus On The Mainline
  10. Baba Hanuman
  11. 4 AM Hanuman Chalisa
  12. Om Namah Shivaya
  13. Jaya Bhagavan
  14. KD Closing Prayer

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